I remember when travel ball was created. It was for the best of the best players in the area.

It seems now any child that doesn’t make it on a team can have their father start a team and invite their friends to join the team.  It’s ruined what travel ball was meant to be.

Kids today don’t feel like they’re playing baseball unless they are on a travel ball team which puts pressure on the parents to pay $2,000 dollars plus a year for them to play. Some parents will gladly pay this in the hopes that their child will gain a college scholarship or hold on to the delusion they will make it to the big league.  This is ruining recreational baseball.

When it comes down to it, unless you are playing for a true travel ball team our truly possess talent the chances of anything happening beyond the age of 18 are quite minimal.

Get into a good Babe Ruth or High School program and enjoy yourself.